"This three day intensive workshop/party is the ultimate introduction to the world of Sass N' Betties. And we're here to share the secrets with you! Start each day with an invigorating class taught by one of the Betties. Learn about body confidence and how to connect to your inner SASS! Get down to one of our signature dance routines. And get ready to flaunt your Bettie for the world to see!"



*June 25 Thursday 6pm-9pm*

6pm-7pm Sass N' Soul Yoga

Our first workshop day will start with a soul-opening Yoga session with Elle. Take a moment to connect with the Bettie inside you, spring into playful shapes, and shed your body temple of any inhibitions.



7pm-7:30pm "The Spirit of Sass"

What is Sass N' Betties? Who are we? And how do we do it?

Learn all about that inner SASS and what it takes to maintain a strong, mindful, and positive outlook in this ever-competitive industry.



7:30pm-9pm Betties Choreo (Just dance)

Dive headfirst into learning one of our most popular routines and get ready to dance your heart out! No marking please, only full on Fierce!



*June 26 Friday 6pm-9pm*

6pm-7pm Rockin' Betties Pilates

Our second workshop day will begin with a powerful core building Pilates

session with Mallory. Push yourself further, go a little deeper, and hold it a bit longer.... no seriously, HOLD!



7pm-7:30pm "Own IT, Flaunt IT!"

What does being a Bettie mean? What sets you apart from everyone else? Learn all about cultivating your own individual sassy style. Find that "IT" quality that's all your own, then learn how to let it shine!



7:30pm-9pm Betties Choreo (Discover your forte)

Start to discover who YOU are in the dance? No two Betties dance alike, so how do you find your personal sassy style and bring it to the stage?



*June 27  Saturday 12pm-3pm*

12pm-1pm A lil Zumba... Sassified

Our third workshop day will start with a fast-paced, heart- pumping all out Zumba dance session with Jordanna. Get ready to move, Get ready to sweat, and Get ready to party!



1pm-1:30pm "I'm Sassy and I'm ME"

You've climbed up to the top... NOW WHAT? How can we create a network built on love, gratitude, and positivity? Learn about how to embrace being different, build a solid confidence and love yourself no matter what. You are beautiful because you are YOU!



1:30pm-3pm Betties Choreo (Let's put on a show!)

Take everything you learned from day 1 and 2, add some of your personal flavor, and put it all together into one extravagant, sexy, and amazingly fun performance!



*Betties who are interested and have attended all three workshop days are invited to join us onstage at our show on June 28th!

Sign up and purchase tickets with the buttons at the top of the page.


"After a year out of the spotlight, Sass N' Betties is back! Stronger, Fiercer, and Sassier than ever! throw caution to the wind and get ready for a night of decadence and fun! There'll be new surprises and stories, and definitely some all time favorites. And the best part is, we'll be bringing some of our new friends from our Betties Bootcamp with us!! That's right NYC...The Betties are bringing SASSY back!"


Date/Time: Sunday June 28th @ 9pm


Location: The Triad Theatre  158 W 72nd St



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